License for access to BLAST data

SeaZone has prepared a data license template that can be used to obtain access to BLAST geodata during and subsequent to the project period. Some of the geodata are project-specific whilst others are part of existing commercial agreements between individual members and SeaZone. 
Once fused in the form of the SZ WP3 deliverables, the overarching commercial terms regarding delivery take effect, with the exception of:
-The Term (specified as ending 30 September 2012)
-The usage restrictions (work being conducted for completion of BLAST deliverables only)
-The parties able to have access to the data under the (BLAST Partners only, but each require a separate and direct agreement between SZ and that BLAST Partner - i.e. there is no permitted sublicensing by the Licensee)
-The spatial extent of data (Defined as a maximum area of BLAST Tiles - see internal BLAST Website under WP3 for a SHP file download)
-The cost (nil cost during the Term)
These terms are attached in the data license template.

The data are expected to be available according to the following timeline:
-Activity 3.4 - Elevation Model (Marine only Gridded Bathymetry) - End July 2011 completion - delivery early August 2011
-Activity 3.4 - Topographic Mapping (Marine only vector layers) - End August 2011 completion - Delivery early September 2011
-Activity 3.8 - Integrated Topographic Mapping & Elevation Models - End December 2011 completion. - Delivery early January 2012
If you wish to obtain data, please forward your request to"> stating:
-Licensee organisation
-Licensee address
-Contact Individual (Licence Signatory)
-Contact Email and Telephone
-Number of Local Users of the data
-Number of Remote Users of the data
If you have any questions regarding the technical aspects of the data, please contact">, and if there are any questions regarding the licence terms above, please reply to">

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