New planning tool for coastal zone management

At the Our Coast conference in Riga in October and the BaltSeaPlan conference in Berlin earlier this month, WP6 presented its progress in developing the BLAST decision support system for coastal planning. At both conferences’ poster sessions, WP6 members discussed how the European Environment Agency (EEA)’s DPSIR model (Driving forces – Pressures – States – Impacts – Responses) can be used to describe the role of ICZM under the pressure of climate change. 

BLAST’s decision support system includes a selection of ICZM indicators that signal potential impacts of climate change, displayed in an interactive web-GIS platform. The indicators were selected by stakeholders from across the North Sea region and enable include erosion, flooding due to sea level rise, renewable energy potential, geological stability, areas of built-up land and rates of development of previously undeveloped land.

Launched at BLAST’s second conference in September 2011 in a prototype version, the decision support system is undergoing continual updating by the WP6 team.

The poster used during the winter conferences can be downloaded here.

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