Here are BLAST's results

On September 30, 2012, the BLAST project officially reached its conclusion. Over three years, the project involved 17 partners from 7 North Sea countries in many wide-reaching collaborative efforts.

BLAST achieved the goals it set out to accomplish, and along the wat, paved the road for new, cutting edge solutions to long-standing challenges in the geospatial field, including:

  • A transformation tool for converting between national vertical reference frames and a shared  North Sea vertical reference frame
  • An analysis of new techniques for surveying shallow-water areas in the coastal zone, based on trials on the Danish and Flemish coasts
  • An INSPIRE-compliant metadatabase that catalogues all the geodata used in the BLAST project
  • A report on a trial integration of topographic and hydrographic data
  • A comparison of information flow between mariners and the hydrographic offices in Germany, Norway and Denmark, and a prototype Maritime Data Collection System that can streamline this data flow
  • A prototype North Sea Mariners’ Routing Guide
  • An analysis of how 3D navigational tools for the maritime sector can improve safety at sea
  • A tool that can identify inconsistencies between adjacent ENC cells
  • A trial application of the IHO’s SNPWG (Standardisation of Nautical Publications Working Group) data model for converting nautical publications to chart features
  • An analysis of user needs for an improved maritime traffic monitoring platform for the North Sea region 
  • An animation that demonstrates how BLAST’s contributions to developing SafeSeaNet have underpinned improvements to traffic monitoring in the region
  • A study of new web services and a platform for better utilisation of AIS data in monitoring regional shipping traffic
  • A validation of concept of the software system now in use at the North Atlantic Information Management Centre (NAIMC) 
  • A survey of Integrated Coastal Zone Management policies and best practices around the North Sea
  • A review of scenarios for future sea level rise in the North Sea region
  • An analysis of climate change adaptation strategies
  • A review of sustainability indicators for Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • A web-based decision support system (COINS) to assess the impacts of climate change in the coastal zone

To read the final reports, download the prototype tools and link to more details about these results, click here. The results are sorted according to work package.

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